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Brady of MacIntosh Books

Brady at MacIntosh

Brady, resident cat at MacIntosh Books and Paper, Sanibel Island, Florida, likes to get in the middle of things. Here’s Brady on a rainy day, doing what he does best— demanding (and getting) attention. He’s pretty sure everyone’s job is to pet him.

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Northern California

Sweet Pea, Resident Cat at Copperfield’s Books

Sweet Pea Copperfield's

Copperfield’s Books in Healdsburg, CA has two bookstore cats. Kaitlin of Copperfield’s describes Sweet Pea as less social than Jack (who held the spotlight in a previous post,) yet she’s a friendly cat.  She has just one bad habit—Sweet Pea eats paper. “And that can be a problem in a bookstore,” says Kaitlin. To date, Sweet Pea has chewed up five copies of Rin Tin Tin.

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Northern California

Jack – Copperfield’s Books Healdsburg

Jack Copperfields A

Jack is one of two cats in residence at Copperfield’s Books, Healdsburg, CA.  Kaitlin of Copperfield’s describes Jack as “the cuddlebug. He’ll follow you around the store. And he loves treats, as you can tell.” Copperfield’s other cat, Sweet Pea, has been known to eat paper. “A dangerous thing for a bookstore,” says Kaitlin. A paper-eating bookstore cat merits her own, future post.

Photograph: Sarah Lee

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