Tiny, Bookstore Cat at Community Bookstore

30 Jul

community bookstore tiny

Community Bookstore is one of Brooklyn’s oldest indie bookstores. And Tiny is their beloved bookstore cat. Folks at Community have no doubt that “our entire marketing budget goes to cat food.”

For a fun treat, take a scroll down Community’s facebook page to their 6/27/14 post—the store turtle “made a run for it.”

Community Bookstore’s Facebook page

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Loganberry Books has a cat named Otis

30 Jun

Loganberry Otis a


Otis joined the staff of Loganberry Books in Shaker Heights, Ohio, in 2008– to be adored by customers and staff ever since.


Playful Otis will race his co-worker to the counter where they’ll tag each other at the finish line. And if there’s a ladder in the store, Otis can often be found at the top of it.


Find Otis front-and-center on Loganberry’s Facebook page

Visit Loganberry Books for more about Loganberry’s cats

Padric, Bookstore cat at A Novel Idea Bookstore

31 May

Padric at Novel Idea


Padric, one of two bookstore cats at A Novel Idea Bookstore in Lincoln Nebraska, is here the subject of a #costumeshelfie.  Owner Cinnamon Dokken says of Padric, “Pad is actually a doll-kitty for this sort of thing.  He was feeling good here. We would never attempt such a thing with Eddy!”

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Dog customers of Pegasus Books in Berkeley, CA

30 Apr


An entire reel of dogs in bookstores? Props to Colin Johnson of Pegasus Books in Berkeley, California for this absolutely perfect video.


Visit Pegasus Books, where they call their dog-customers “dogstomers”…


Gracie, shop dog at Parnassus Books

31 Mar

Gracie Parnassus


Gracie is one of several shop dogs at Parnassus Books in Nashville, Tennessee. They’re all featured on the “Shop Dog Diaries” page of Parnassus Books’ blog, Musing.

Find Shop Dog Diaries here…

Shop dogs also show up on the Parnassus Facebook page.

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Ash, bookstore cat at The Escapist Comic Bookstore

17 Feb

Ash Escapist II

This is Ash, resident cat at The Escapist Comic Bookstore in Berkeley, California. Ash grew up at Comic Relief, another Berkeley institution, and moved to The Escapist when Comic Relief closed in 2011. Ash likes to curl up on visitors’ laps, and she loves kids. And when she’s had enough, Ash retreats upstairs for a nap.

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Parit, bookstore cat at Pegasus Books Downtown

2 Jan

Parit on New Yearz Eve

Parit, bookstore cat at Pegasus Books Downtown in Berkeley, CA, has the catbird seat this New Year’s Eve, helping prepare for the store’s large-scale calendar sale beginning New Year’s Day.

Parit often appears on Pegasus Books Downtown’s Facebook page

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