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Jennie, store cat at Snow Goose Bookstore

1 Oct

Snow Goose Jennie 2a

Meet Jennie, store cat at Snow Goose Bookstore in Stanwood, Washington. Jennie slipped through the front door one day last year and was invited to “try out for the role of bookstore cat.” After a one-month probationary period, Jennie agreed to stay. Snow Goose staff reports, “We named her Jennie after the very wise and brave tabby in Paul Gallico’s novel ‘The Abandoned.’ She’ll be learning how to run the computers very soon (already very familiar with lying atop keyboards)…”



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Bernadette, Bookstore Bunny at Village Books

23 Oct

Village Books-Bernadette

Bernadette the bunny hops around Village Books in Bellingham, Washington, when staffmember Jenny brings her for visits. Village Books’ Rachel describes Bernadette as “quite honestly the most socialized bunny I have ever met. Jenny brings Bernadette in on her days off and Bernadette happily hops around or lets strangers pet and hold her. Bunny and owner alike are both sweethearts!” (Photo credit: Rachel Hanley)

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