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Bookish Bookstore’s Lulu

31 Aug

Bookish Lulu

Lulu enjoys a sunny day in front of her store, Bookish, in Berkeley, California. Bookish owner Gina says, “Lulu always freaks people out, she’s just a dog hanging outside a bookstore enjoying the sun.” Gina regularly hears, “Who’s dog is that?”, “Why doesn’t she take off?” and “She needs to be on a leash!” To which Gina replies, #sighberkeleychill.

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Dog customers of Pegasus Books in Berkeley, CA

30 Apr


An entire reel of dogs in bookstores? Props to Colin Johnson of Pegasus Books in Berkeley, California for this absolutely perfect video.


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Ash, bookstore cat at The Escapist Comic Bookstore

17 Feb

Ash Escapist II

This is Ash, resident cat at The Escapist Comic Bookstore in Berkeley, California. Ash grew up at Comic Relief, another Berkeley institution, and moved to The Escapist when Comic Relief closed in 2011. Ash likes to curl up on visitors’ laps, and she loves kids. And when she’s had enough, Ash retreats upstairs for a nap.

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Parit, bookstore cat at Pegasus Books Downtown

2 Jan

Parit on New Yearz Eve

Parit, bookstore cat at Pegasus Books Downtown in Berkeley, CA, has the catbird seat this New Year’s Eve, helping prepare for the store’s large-scale calendar sale beginning New Year’s Day.

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Indie, dog customer at Rakestraw Books

1 Dec

Indie at Rakestraw 13

Meet Indie, Rakestraw Books’ first customer on Small Business Saturday. She’s ready to “shop small,” once she’s had her morning biscuit.

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Aardvark Books’ Owen

20 Nov

Aardvark 1

Aardvark Books in San Francisco, CA, has a much-adored bookstore cat named Owen. “When a customer sits reading on the floor he’ll frequently curl up on their lap,” says Aardvark’s David Lugn.  Owen has also been known to “jump onto customers’ shoulders when they are at the counter, having (the scream would suggest) no idea of what happened!”

Customers have even created a Flickr account, inviting fellow photographers “who love taking pictures of beautiful Owen.”

Exceptional photos of Owen the Aardvark Bookstore Cat! on Flickr

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Ginger of Orinda Books

9 Oct

Orinda Books Ginger

Here’s Ginger, bookstore cat at Orinda Books in Orinda, California.  Ginger was rescued from the bushes at the Orinda BART & brought to the bookstore where she’s been since.

It’s Ginger’s store from A to Z.  She’s been known to knock over a flower arrangement and scatter flowers, but she leaves the books on the shelves. And Ginger likes most of the staff, unless they bring their dogs.  (Photo credit: Beth Ann Gallagher)

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