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Ferdinand of Wild Rumpus Books

After an ***extended*** absence, Pets in Bookstores is making a comeback, promising sporadic posts of furry/feathered bookstore lovers…

Meet Ferdinand, resident ferret at Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis, Minnesota. As Wild Rumpus describes him:

Ferdinand is a repeat offender, wanted for petty larceny of plush animals and puppets, water bottle caps, sunglass cases and a suspected accomplice in the theft of one store employee’s wallet. Brother and known associate to Doodle.

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Minnesota Bookstores

Iggy and Neil, the chickens of Wild Rumpus Books

WildRumpus chickens

Bookstore chickens Iggy and Neil reside at Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis, MN. Wild Rumpus is home to many bookstore pets, probably the most of any indie bookstore. And so it wouldn’t be unusual to find these two silkies out on “an afternoon stroll to the spooky shed, to chat with the rat sisters, and maybe read some Nancy Drew books.”

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Minnesota Bookstores

Daisy the dog – Red Balloon Bookshop

daisy from Red Balloon

Daisy, pictured here in a tutu, enjoyed Paws on Grand last month, St. Paul’s annual dog day on Grand Avenue. Red Balloon Bookshop welcomed dog visitors with treats and a story hour featuring special guest Spot (from the popular children’s books). The dogs seemed to enjoy story hour as much as the kids. (Photo credit: Joan Trygg)

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Amelia the Chinchilla – Wild Rumpus Books

wild rumpus chinchilla

Meet Amelia, one of two bookstore chinchillas at Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The folks at Wild Rumpus describe Amelia this way:

“From her tiny hands which clasp her food as she nibbles, to her dumbo shaped ears, to her fluffy, fluffy coat, Amelia is simply Adorable.  While both chinchillas are shy, Amelia is known to be more outgoing than her male counterpart, Mr. Skeeter.  She’s also bigger boned–but don’t let her fool you.  She can zip through the store (and your fingers) faster than any other Rumpus critter (maybe–we haven’t held an official race yet).”

See more bookstore pets at Wild Rumpus: Books for Young Readers

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Chewy of Red Balloon Bookshop

Pictured: Chewy and his guardian

Red Balloon Bookshop recently took part in Paws on Grand, a dog’s day of fun along Grand Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Bookshop manager Joan Trygg was impressed by the Great Dane who could see over the counter and the Corgi who was obviously there for the treats. Daisy, a shepherd mix, dropped by sporting a tutu. Outside the store, several dogs from Paws for Learning spent the day listening to kids read.

Photo credit: Joan Trygg. (Chewy, if you contact me with your guardian’s name, I’ll be sure to include it here.)

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