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Aardvark Books’ Owen

Aardvark 1

Aardvark Books in San Francisco, CA, has a much-adored bookstore cat named Owen. “When a customer sits reading on the floor he’ll frequently curl up on their lap,” says Aardvark’s David Lugn.  Owen has also been known to “jump onto customers’ shoulders when they are at the counter, having (the scream would suggest) no idea of what happened!”

Customers have even created a Flickr account, inviting fellow photographers “who love taking pictures of beautiful Owen.”

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Kuzma, Library Cat at Novorossiysk Children’s Library

russian library cat

Kuzma surveys the aisles as assistant librarian in Novorossiysk Children’s Library in Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. He’s featured in a newspiece for a Russian TV station, available on YouTube. According to info on the YouTube page, Kuzma’s job description includes “sleep, delight the eye and entertain young visitors.” The entire text is worth reading, and is especially delightful for anyone who enjoys translations courtesy of Google.

And yes, that is a bowtie.

Watch the YouTube video and read more about Kuzma here…

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Melville, resident cat at Battlefields and Beyond Military History Book Shoppe

Melville of Battlefields and Beyond

Battlefields and Beyond Military Book Shoppe in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania has a bookstore cat named Melville. From Book Shoppe owners:

Melville has been the Book Shoppe Mascot for over two years now. He is the official greeter and enjoys playing with the customers and climbing the book shelves. Melville has an active role in fundraising for our local animal shelter in Gettysburg, PA. He may wear a coat of Confederate gray, but he is loyal to the Union. Named after Herman Melville, he has yet to find “Moby Dick.” He has his own Facebook Page, “Melville’s World.”

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