Ender, bookstore cat at Recycle Bookstore

Ender Recycle Books

Recycle Bookstores in San Jose and Campbell, California, have several bookstore cats. The new guy in San Jose, Ender, brings liveliness to an already lively store.  Here’s what the folks at Recycle have to say:

Ender is the youngest, but is growing the fastest. With his big paws and clumsy demeanor, he tends to knock over displays. He’s the socialite of San Jose and such a handsome fella.
Likes: strings, Emma, and treats.
Dislikes: nothing so far…

Another of Recycle’s cats, Emma, will make an appearance in a later post.

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Washington Bookstores

Bernadette, Bookstore Bunny at Village Books

Village Books-Bernadette

Bernadette the bunny hops around Village Books in Bellingham, Washington, when staffmember Jenny brings her for visits. Village Books’ Rachel describes Bernadette as “quite honestly the most socialized bunny I have ever met. Jenny brings Bernadette in on her days off and Bernadette happily hops around or lets strangers pet and hold her. Bunny and owner alike are both sweethearts!” (Photo credit: Rachel Hanley)

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Northern California

Ginger of Orinda Books

Orinda Books Ginger

Here’s Ginger, bookstore cat at Orinda Books in Orinda, California.  Ginger was rescued from the bushes at the Orinda BART & brought to the bookstore where she’s been since.

It’s Ginger’s store from A to Z.  She’s been known to knock over a flower arrangement and scatter flowers, but she leaves the books on the shelves. And Ginger likes most of the staff, unless they bring their dogs.  (Photo credit: Beth Ann Gallagher)

See more pictures of Ginger on Orinda Books’ Facebook page

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Northern California

Sweet Pea, Resident Cat at Copperfield’s Books

Sweet Pea Copperfield's

Copperfield’s Books in Healdsburg, CA has two bookstore cats. Kaitlin of Copperfield’s describes Sweet Pea as less social than Jack (who held the spotlight in a previous post,) yet she’s a friendly cat.  She has just one bad habit—Sweet Pea eats paper. “And that can be a problem in a bookstore,” says Kaitlin. To date, Sweet Pea has chewed up five copies of Rin Tin Tin.

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