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Butter of Farley’s Bookshop

Farleys Books Butter

Butter holds down the fort at Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope, Pennsylvania.  Jen Farley fills us in on the story of Butter:

“Butter was a stray that found us. The vet thought that he was about 5 when he came to us, and that he had been living on the streets and starving. He was only 7 pounds then! As you may be able to tell, he is no longer 7 pounds. More like 17. He’s very good at convincing the different members of the staff that he has not been fed yet.

“Butter is extremely calm and mostly sleeps in the children’s room, so that he can be loved as much as possible. If he’s feeling particularly needy he will sleep on the counter, so that every single customer will give him attention as they’re coming in or checking out. Occasionally, he will go into one of the offices to sleep and leaves his devoted fans to wander around the store in disappointment, endlessly searching for him. He is by far the most popular member of the staff.”

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Minnesota Bookstores

Chewy of Red Balloon Bookshop

Pictured: Chewy and his guardian

Red Balloon Bookshop recently took part in Paws on Grand, a dog’s day of fun along Grand Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Bookshop manager Joan Trygg was impressed by the Great Dane who could see over the counter and the Corgi who was obviously there for the treats. Daisy, a shepherd mix, dropped by sporting a tutu. Outside the store, several dogs from Paws for Learning spent the day listening to kids read.

Photo credit: Joan Trygg. (Chewy, if you contact me with your guardian’s name, I’ll be sure to include it here.)

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Northern California

Bookstore Dog Zeus, of The Book Juggler

The Book Juggler - Zeus

This is Zeus, resident dog at The Book Juggler in Willits, CA.  Bookstore owner Greta describes bringing her dog to work:

“I’m sure most shop owners will tell you it’s sometimes tricky to have a pet at work (dogs always seem to need a pee break right when a large group of customers come in) but it’s also a lot of fun. We have 1 or 2 people daily who come in just to say hi to Zeus. And when we travel to any of our neighboring towns we always run into folks who recognize Zeus before they recognize us. The dog has his fans!”

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