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Vintage Books – Henry

29 Jul

Vintage Henry

Here’s Henry of Vintage Books in Vancouver, Washington. Henry, one of two bookstore cats, likes to spend quality time with customers, photobomb featured product pics, and occasionally tear around like a madcat. You’ll find Henry in the center of it all – at the computer, on boxes, in file cabinet drawers, on books. Henry’s “helpful naps” may even prompt Vintage co-owner, Becky, to move to an alternate workspace until he wakes up.


(Watch this space for a future spotlight on Henry’s partner in crime, Dickens.)

Find a selection of excellent photos at Vintage Books’ Facebook page  and at the Vintage Books website.


The Phoenix Storybook Co.

22 Jul

barron phoenix storybook 2


From The Phoenix Storybook Co. in Mountain Home, Idaho, meet Barron. Bookstore owner Bethany describes Barron as “a beautiful Great Dane, and the best example of a canine gentleman I have ever met. He works hard every day as a greeter at my bookstore, and loves to snooze in sunbeams in between bouts of love from customers.”


Barron has his own Facebook page as a Public Figure:   Barron the Bookstore Dog


You can also find Barron at  The Phoenix Storybook Co.


Other Change of Hobbit

14 Jul

other change of hobbit

Other Change of Hobbit in El Cerrito, CA is home to Sam and Trouble. They were born feral in the back yard of Other Change of Hobbit’s previous location.  “Sam got the looks, Trouble got the brains. Trouble is the fearless one, Sam relying on her for almost everything.” Photo credit: Felicity McCarthy.

Find Sam and Trouble at Other Change of Hobbit

Pegasus Books Downtown

11 Jul

Parit--Joyz photo

This is Parit, who was voted number 3 of ten excellent bookstore cats here:

(Photo credit: Joy Hucklesby, 2013)

Pegasus Books Oakland

11 Jul


A boy, shopping with his dad at Pegasus Books Oakland, was handed a bookmark at the counter.

 Boy: What’s this?

 Bookseller: You use that to mark the page when you’ve stopped reading.

 Boy:  I’ll never stop reading!

Pegasus Books Downtown

11 Jul

Illustration by Ian Huebert

Ian Huebert drew this portrait of Parit, one of two resident cats at Pegasus Books Downtown in Berkeley, CA. Find Ian at Find Pegasus Books Downtown at


Pegasus Books on Solano

3 Jul

Pegasus Books in Berkeley, CA has a special rapport with its “dogstomers.”  The regulars even know where the treats are stored and will walk into the store on their own for their daily biscuit.  Pictured here  is Calvin as a puppy.

Find Pegasus Books at