Spike of Left Bank Books

30 Apr

Left bank spike 2

Spike rules Left Bank Books in St. Louis, Missouri. He terrorizes dog visitors (but runs from small children), and he’s been known to upstage an author in the middle of a reading.

And Spike is an accomplished cat. He’s been featured on Fox 2 News in St. Louis. He makes a cameo appearance in at least two books. He was voted Bookstore Cat of the Year at 2012’s Book Expo America. And that’s him front and center in the store’s logo. All this attention would suggest he’s a charmer.

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Spike’s own recommendations on Left Bank’s website

Spike featured on Fox News 2, St. Louis


Iggy and Neil, the chickens of Wild Rumpus Books

31 Mar

WildRumpus chickens

Bookstore chickens Iggy and Neil reside at Wild Rumpus Books in Minneapolis, MN. Wild Rumpus is home to many bookstore pets, probably the most of any indie bookstore. And so it wouldn’t be unusual to find these two silkies out on “an afternoon stroll to the spooky shed, to chat with the rat sisters, and maybe read some Nancy Drew books.”

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And here’s the best bookstore Instagram account ever

Bartleby, Bookstore Cat at Adams Avenue Books

1 Feb

Bartleby at Adams Ave San Diego

Adams Avenue Book Store in San Diego, CA is home to felines Bartleby and Felixia. Here’s Bartleby, a cat who will wear the occasional costume, if properly rewarded. Bartleby has his own Facebook page, like some bookstore pets we know. But this cat goes one better with his own sidelines. Bartleby magnets and Christmas cards, anyone?

Bartleby’s Facebook page…

Bartleby and Felixia on Adams Avenue’s Facebook page

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Tonka and Gonzo visit The Book Man

31 Dec

The Book Man TonkaandGonzo

The Book Man bookstore in Chilliwack, British Columbia, celebrates pet visitors in a big way. The Book Man’s Four Legged Friends Club offers treats and discounts for pets and owners, in exchange for a snapshot for the website. Here Tonka and Gonzo stop by, bringing what their people describe as “lots of energy!” Tonka and Gonzo “have manners for the most part… and they LOVE coming to The Book Man.” They are two of the many dog customers welcome at The Book Man.

See The Book Man’s very excellent slide show

And find many more pet visitors on The Book Man’s Photobucket slide show

Franny, resident cat at Skylight Books

30 Nov

Skylight books Franny c

Beloved feline Franny resides at Skylight Books in Los Angeles, CA. Here she is surrounded by images from classic films, starring herself. She’s just the sort of bookstore cat that would have her own Instagram account.

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Jennie, store cat at Snow Goose Bookstore

1 Oct

Snow Goose Jennie 2a

Meet Jennie, store cat at Snow Goose Bookstore in Stanwood, Washington. Jennie slipped through the front door one day last year and was invited to “try out for the role of bookstore cat.” After a one-month probationary period, Jennie agreed to stay. Snow Goose staff reports, “We named her Jennie after the very wise and brave tabby in Paul Gallico’s novel ‘The Abandoned.’ She’ll be learning how to run the computers very soon (already very familiar with lying atop keyboards)…”



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Bookish Bookstore’s Lulu

31 Aug

Bookish Lulu

Lulu enjoys a sunny day in front of her store, Bookish, in Berkeley, California. Bookish owner Gina says, “Lulu always freaks people out, she’s just a dog hanging outside a bookstore enjoying the sun.” Gina regularly hears, “Who’s dog is that?”, “Why doesn’t she take off?” and “She needs to be on a leash!” To which Gina replies, #sighberkeleychill.

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